Branding must be as original as each artist’s exceptional artistic value.

ICM management is designed to provide services for an exclusive group of artists throughout their career to meet cohesive communication with the world.

Digital Marketing – Social Media & Metaverse platform

Social media and newly emerging metaverse platforms are essential tools in the fast-evolving market. We design artist’s virtual existence on digital platforms to effectively place the targeted messages.

Websites & Press Kit

Websites, photoshoots, image-making, and well-integrated press kits are the basic aspects of branding.

Audio Recording – Production & Label Relations

We work with award-winning record producers, audio engineers, and internationally well-known record labels to produce the highest level of audio recording. From setting up the recording to releasing the album, we provide tailored services to ensure the artistic process.

Video Production – Creative Contents

Video contents are viral on digital marketing. We work with the best video teams around the world on content generation, directing, image-making, cinematography to differentiate exclusive artist’s projects from many others.

Public Relations - Media Relations

From concerts, album releases to long-term publicity for a long-term goal, we provide media relations services in Asia, the USA, and Europe to exclusive artists.