Hamburger Symphoniker

Photo Credit: J. Konrad Schmidt

Founded in 1957, the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra has been the resident orchestra of the Laeiszhalle since 2017. Deeply rooted in the uniquely rich history of Hamburg’s first concert hall, the Laeiszhalle Orchestra also embodies a living cultural institution, combining musical excellence with a redefined role model of what a modern symphony orchestra should be. They do so successfully – particularly in the last two decades, the orchestra has enjoyed considerable acclaim, both at home and abroad.

The Hamburg Symphony Orchestra – Laeizshalle Orchestra takes great care in creating a programme that is precise and challenging, yet remains accessible. This not only includes critically acclaimed and publicly celebrated projects – innovatively collaborating with some of today’s most notable musical personalities – but also comprises chamber concert series, festivals, including every June the internationally renowned Martha Argerich Festival, and an excitingly broad selection of outreach and education activities.

Sylvain Cambreling has been the Chief Conductor of the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra since 2018 – one of the most recognised conductors of his generation, long acclaimed for his captivating, inspiring and richly coloured performances. His precise and unaffected style is inextricably intertwined with many significant world premieres of contemporary music and musical theatre. Working with Sylvain Cambreling opens a new perspective for the orchestra: his artistic integrity builds a bridge to the era of the previous Chief Conductor Sir Jeffrey Tate, whose imprint is firmly stamped on the warm, woodwind-driven sound of the orchestra.

The Hamburg Symphony Orchestra enjoy performing outside of their home concert hall, but are mindful of cultural sustainability when planning their national and international tours. The orchestra tours should create a cultural “value-added” for all involved, creating impulses for political and cultural renewal. A tour to the USA, for example, was combined with an innovative multi-media project that explored people’s relationship to and opinion of creation. Concerts in the Ukraine, in the Far East and on the Arab peninsula were shaped precisely to encourage debate and discourse and to promote empathy, understanding and an appreciation of diversity.

One of the orchestra’s most important aesthetic approaches is the expansion of the audience’s experience through an intensive exchange with other art forms and the integration of theatre, film, video and lighting into the concerts. The orchestra was one of the first ensembles in the world to live-stream their concerts.

The Laeiszhalle Orchestra values partnership, playing regularly at the Hamburg State Opera and for many years enjoying a fruitful relationship with the Hamburg University of Music and Theatre. Throughout the pandemic, both to honour its heritage and in its role as a teaching and learning organisation, the orchestra has kept music in people’s lives through more than 50 daily livestreams, the first going out on day one of lockdown. It will continue to value its tradition of working with and for others.

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Martha Argerich & Sylvain Cambreling
Haspa Neujahrskonzert 2021
Beethoven’s 9th Symphony